Technical translation services



Translation of technical and engineering documents is a demanding and time-consuming task. We are happy to do this work for our clients in a competent, accurate and cost-effective manner. Our technical translations are always undertaken by specialized multilingual engineers and technical specialists.

To ensure the quality of our technical translations, we are happy for our translators to be in direct contact and follow up with our clients’ engineers and product specialists. This makes sure that the technical and scientific content in the original document is clearly and accurately conveyed to the target audience.

To ensure that our translations are complete and accurate in all aspects and that the style is right for the target audience we also cooperate with specialized technical writers and editors who have proven track records in the field of technical and copy writing.


We can provide quality translations in the following fields:

  • Mechanical and manufacturing engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Industrial Information Technology
  • Surface engineering and surface coatings

We would be happy to discuss your specific translation needs with you, and to give you further details of the experience and qualifications of our translation team and our editorial partners. Sample translations are also available for evaluation.